Thistle on the bobbin:

Thistle on the Bobbin

Thistle on the dog:

Thistle on the Dog

And is it soft? Oh, yes…

This is 4 oz., and it was 398 yards before a somewhat abusive fulling wash (certainly shorter now). It measures approx. 12 wpi, somewhere around a DK weight.

I just split the top in half the short way, predrafted a bit to loosen it up, and spun it worsted with a short backward draw. While I was sorely tempted to spin for a single, I absolutely loathe pills. So I went for a 2-ply with enough twist to (hopefully) avoid them.

To set the yarn, I roughed it up in very hot water with some Dawn, plunged it into cold water, then back to hot with more abuse, then cold, then warm with some Lavender Eucalan. I wrung it cruely, thwacked it a few times on the bathroom floor, then hung it to try.

This was the first time I have ever abused a skein so much, but after the wet-finishing article in the current Spin-Off and the advice from Abby’s Yarns, I gave it a go. It was really difficult to force myself to mistreat this poor, gentle fiber (if there were a yarn police, they certainly would have broken down my door). But I think it was a good move. The plies are well-integrated, and the yarn has bloomed well. Even so, I could have been rougher with it.

Thanks for another gorgeous fiber, Adrian. This was really fun to spin and a delight to touch. I’m thinking of using it in the yoke of a sweater, maybe paired with a light gray yarn.

-Frith, psso