Even before I had seen the gorgeous yarn from Frith below I had decided that I wanted to try and spin this fibre into long stripes of colour.  I had no idea how to really go about this (and still think there was probably a more correct way than the method I used)  so I separated the fibre into 2 piles, 1 mainly blues and purples and 1 mainly greens.  I weighed both piles and found that there was about twice as much purpley / blue as there was green. 

 I’m still spinning on my drop spindle most of the time so I decided to spin 3 spindles full of yarn, 1 green and 2purple and then spit splice them together and wind into one big skein.  I stuck to my comfort zone spinning of sightly thick and thin chunky weight yarn and ended up with 3 spindles full of yarn weighing around 35g and measuring around 40 / 45 yards each. 


 I then wound them into a skein on the swift, purple first, green in the middle and then finally the second purple spindle full.  The whole skein weighs around 100g and is a lovely 120 yards long.  I think it wants to be a cheery winter scarf, or maybe a hat when it grows up.