Hi All,

July’s fiber shipped today, marking the last shipment of round one. Many thanks to all of you. I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll post a photo of July’s fiber next week, when you are likely to have yours. If you would like more of this fiber, in any amount, just email me.

New customers, welcome! Returning members, welcome back! I’m so glad you joined. I’ve got the first two months’ fibers picked out and while they’re familiar to me, they’re not fibers I stock for the shop, so they’ll at least be a surprise to you. The one I’ve got slated for September is a rarity around these parts and I’m so excited for it. This one is destined to become a favorite.

New members, if you would like to join the blog and Flickr group so that you may post your progress with club fiber, there are instructions on the sidebar. I’m sure we’d all love to see what you make.

I’ll be back soon with my yarn spun from July’s fiber. I’ve got grand plans. 🙂

Thanks so much,