Hello Yarn club May Cricket BFL

I finally finished spinning my Cricket.  The soothing, sublime colors of this wool were a delight to have running through my fingers.    I think this is the first fiber that I haven’t raced through, impatient to see the end product–and I can see the improvement in my spinning because of it.

Mine seems so much more green than the other versions of Cricket.  I’m not complaining, oh no, I LURVE it.  I ended up with 297 yards of heavy worsted weight (11 wpi).  I split the roving lengthwise, then drafted the first half and spun it onto one bobbin for lengthy stretches of color.  I split the other half into four sections which I spun end to end on another bobbin.  I was trying for muted, long stripes.  I can’t wait to knit it and see if it worked.

 Valerie (shoeless)