As you may have noticed, August’s fiber is a very long-stapled wool. For the less experienced spinners, I thought I’d talk about some spinning options. To me, this fiber screams for worsted spinning- flatten the single with your fingers as you spin it, tucking all those loose fibers in. Your yarn will be drapey and shiny and gorgeous. You could spin this top from the end or from the fold (PDF). This would be a great opportunity to spin a singles yarn! The staple is long, so you can really get away with low twist.

Spindle spinners, here’s (PDF) info on spinning worsted on a spindle.

For my yarn, I was thinking about a particular pattern (Cobblestone from the new Interweave Knits) and spinning Mollusc to go with the charcoal Classic Elite Skye Tweed yarn I already had for the sweater. So, two ply worsted weight it was to be. Hopefully, the sheen of Mollusc as the yoke of the sweater will play well with the tweedy goodness of the Skye Tweed for the rest of the sweater.

I’ll post progress pics as I get going on this one. I can’t wait to see what you make with your fiber!