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Hi, all!

May’s fiber is on its way right now. I hope you all love it!

Want to see it?

This is a fiber I’ve done before for the club, but it came from a new source and it’s quite different from what I usually get. It drafts like a DREAM, so should be a fun spin for everyone. It’s a great middle-of-the-road wool that would be suited for a variety of projects.

I dyed some extra fiber this month and will make it a point to do so in the future. There’s a limited amount, but if you’d like some more of this month’s fiber, let me know at It’s $15 per 4 oz. bag and I’m happy to ship it with next month’s club to save you shipping.

It’s a sad post without any photos, so would you like to see the baby chipmunk we saw in our yard the other day? I thought so. 🙂

Baby Chipmunk



The fiber club is shipping this morning and it’s going to be the last one for awhile. It’s been great fun, and I will be continuing it, but after a solid year I need a wee break. I’d have powered through if it wasn’t for our planned move, but this has been a great excuse to allow myself to rest up a bit. Expect to see the club back for sale in July for an August-October run unless something crazy happens. I’ll keep everyone posted. Everyone who was a member this time has a slot reserved for next time and I’ll give plenty of notice so you can grab your slot.

I hope you all love the fiber I’ve dyed up this time. It’s silky, puffy stuff in colors outside my comfort zone, and what do you know? I love it. There’s a big bag of scraps I can’t wait to spin up.

Watch out and don’t hover your mouse over that link unless you want to see what the fiber is!

Want to see? Want to see? No glove hint this month as I didn’t get new gloves after last time. 🙂

Hi, everyone!

The March club is shipping today and tomorrow. I fear I’ll never get back on track, month-wise. Hopefully, you all love spinning this so much, you don’t notice the lateness.

Want a little hint? (Not a photo of the fiber.)

Want a big hint? (Actual photo of the fiber.)

Even if you peek, you won’t know what the fiber is. That I will keep secret. 🙂

Have you looked at the Flickr group lately? There’s so much lovely spinning going on.

I can’t wait to see what you do with the new fiber!


A little late. 😦

I hope everyone waiting for me to ship the fiber club wasn’t as upset about the delay as I was. All of the packages winging their way to you.

Want to see? Want to see?

This is a fiber I’ve used for the club once before, but I have a new supplier and ooh, is it nice. I couldn’t resist. You’re getting a nice big 5 oz. chunk, as well. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Future Clubs:

I plan on taking a month, maybe two, off between the end of the current club and the start of the next one. We are planning a move to Western MA in the near future, and hoo boy, is that ever going to be an undertaking. Even if we don’t move during the break, I’ll be able to get a bit ahead of the fiber club so that I have something to ship during the move. This is all very good news for Hello Yarn, as I’ll finally be able to spread out and really do my thing in a big old house in the country. I can’t wait.

Thanks, everyone!


Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all having wonderful holiday seasons with lots of time for spinning. I know I have.

The December club has shipped, so you will receive that shortly. The fiber itself is just so gorgeous, adding color to it is like icing a cake. I hope you all love it. Want to see? *click* I’ve been spinning up a sample and this very much likes to be spun fine. I’ll be back with photos of that as soon as it’s done.

I did manage to finish up a big skein of last month’s Toxic superwash Corriedale and am having a hard time not casting on for knee socks this very moment.

That’s about 8 oz. and 500 yards of two ply, 14 wpi, pretty hard-spun yarn. I think it will make nice, strong socks.

Sign-ups for the next fiber club will take place near the end of next month. Current members will have first dibs, as usual, and then I’ll open it up to everyone else. I’ll announce things both here and on my personal blog.

Thanks for your continued love of fiber! It’s wonderful to see all the things you make from my wools. 🙂

I changed the blog theme to one that shows who’s posting. It’s nice to finally know!

The first installment of the new fiber club is packaged all up in boxes, waiting for the mailman by the front door. I think he might be avoiding the house today, because he’s been warned about how big the shipment is! :p Non-US members, your packages are already winging their way to you.

I hope you all love it! It’s another new fiber and a great one I’ll be carrying from now on in the shop in both dyed and un-dyed forms.

Want to sneak a peek?

The club is shipping a little late this month, as I shoot for the middle of the month for that, and it’s because there are so very many of you in this installment, and a lot of you chose doubles. (Totally not complaining, you understand, just explaining!) The amount of work caught me by surprise, but the main problem was drying it all. As of last night, I have rented super lovely official Hello Yarn drying and storage space, so next month, there shouldn’t be an issue.

I’ll be back soon with spun yarn and cannot wait to see what everyone does with their fiber.


I spun like a maniac last weekend, and managed a big old batch of yarn out of the tails left over from the October fiber club.


became this-

became this-

^^^This photo is deceiving. That is a really big pile of yarn.

This stuff? It spins like a dream. I was filling 6 oz. bobbins like they were nothing. Romney, Romney, Romney!

Romney wool (from combed top)
2 ply
12 wpi
989 yards and 1 lb. 7 oz. total
spun and plied at 11:1 (If I don’t record that stuff here, it doesn’t get recorded.)

This is a heavy, kinda scratchy yarn. There should be enough here for a sweater for me. If not, I’ve got some more of the fiber. Now, just to decide what type of sweater to knit. I was thinking just a plain raglan pullover kind of like this, but maybe I need a buttoned cardigan with a big ribbed turtleneck-type collar, kind of like this shape, but with buttons. ???

The voting’s started over on Flickr. Some people really know what they want!


The fiber club subscriptions for November-January are sold out. Thank you!

There have been some changes to the club. I’ve lowered the amount of fiber to 2-5 oz. per month because I’ve got some fancier, and therefore more expensive, stuff for one of the months. There is also added a double dose option. Pay shipping once and get twice as much fiber!

October Club Fiber:

The October selection is shipping today. It’s such a great spinner. I’ve been spinning up the leftover tails for the last couple of nights and have got two bobbins filled. It’s so fun to spin that I’m not stopping until there’s enough yarn for a sweater for me. This will also make fantastic winter wear like socks and mittens. Want to sneak a peek?

*snoop snoop snoop*

Mollusc Wensleydale:

I’m going to do one last batch of the Mollusc Wensleydale for club members. Didn’t get enough? 4 oz. is $15 plus shipping. Shoot me an email if you’d like to get in on this batch.

Thanks, all!

Hi, everyone! The September club shipped today. I hope you all enjoy it. It’s an old favorite, and quite different from last month’s. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Just a note- I’ll be away all next week, including the weekend, at Yarn School, and won’t be answering emails or shipping orders received during that time until I return.

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