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Finally I have some Lantern Festival prettiness to share. I spun mine up into some shiny singles, 267 yards. I love the happy colors, perhaps I will always save happy July colors for snowy December.

Lantern Festival Corriedale

And a closeup:

Lantern Festival Corriedale

I love how happy the colors are. (I just realized I said that three times. I guess I really mean it.)

I have Maldives predrafted and ready to go, but my bobbins are otherwise occupied. I need more.

Hmm, Christmas present idea perhaps?


What better way to use up Hello Yarn club handspun than using a Hello Yarn pattern.
Stats: 2 ply Corriedale from the July Club. The pattern is the Top Down Bonnet. This is my second top down bonnet and probably not my last. It’s a brilliant pattern.

I have enough left over of this yarn that I’ll hopefully get a pair of mittens for myself.

Hi All,

I hope everyone’s having a great time spinning their fiber. I got super excited after seeing Nishanna’s gorgeous spinning of Lantern Festival and put everything aside to spin it over the last couple of evenings.

To spin this, I folded the top in half and pulled it apart there, then split each half into strips as wide as my pinky, and spun those from the end. Half went on one bobbin and half on another, and I plied them together. Easy peasy and my favorite way to spin these spotty tops. It gives me barber pole yarn with short stretches of color. Delicious!

Hello Yarn Lantern Festival:

Hello Yarn Fiber Club July 2007 offering
hand-dyed and handspun Corriedale wool from combed top
*see the fiber*

2 ply worsted weight
4 oz., about 240 yards
Super fluffy! Very rainbow-y.

Have a blast with your fiber!


This is Lantern Festival, the club’s July offering. You should all have your 5 oz. of this Corriedale top by now. I wanted to end the first round of the club with a serious punch of color and I’ve been so happy to hear from people who are having fun with it. Many thanks to you all for your membership and kind words. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and I can’t wait to see what you make with this!


Hi All,

July’s fiber shipped today, marking the last shipment of round one. Many thanks to all of you. I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll post a photo of July’s fiber next week, when you are likely to have yours. If you would like more of this fiber, in any amount, just email me.

New customers, welcome! Returning members, welcome back! I’m so glad you joined. I’ve got the first two months’ fibers picked out and while they’re familiar to me, they’re not fibers I stock for the shop, so they’ll at least be a surprise to you. The one I’ve got slated for September is a rarity around these parts and I’m so excited for it. This one is destined to become a favorite.

New members, if you would like to join the blog and Flickr group so that you may post your progress with club fiber, there are instructions on the sidebar. I’m sure we’d all love to see what you make.

I’ll be back soon with my yarn spun from July’s fiber. I’ve got grand plans. 🙂

Thanks so much,


Hi, everyone! This weekend is the last chance to claim your reserved renewal spot in the fiber club. On Monday, I’ll open the club up to new members.

Your July fiber will be shipping early next week. It’s wonderfully fresh and spring-like. I hope you all love it.

Thank you all for posting to the blog and Flickr group. I love seeing what you do with your fiber.


How to Join:

Visit Hello Yarn for details on joining the club.

Sign up at and email me with the email address you used to join and I'll add you to the blog.

To join the Flickr group, visit the group's page and click JOIN THIS GROUP and I'll approve your membership.

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