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Now that was fun! Loving the emergency orange but don’t feel toxic at all.  Feel quite fortified, in fact.

 Toxic – 8oz Superwash Corriedale (how I love the double club!)  spun into 353 yards 2ply at 12 wpi.

Sport weight – my thinnest yarn yet!

I think I feel some socks coming on.  Any other suggestions?


Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all having wonderful holiday seasons with lots of time for spinning. I know I have.

The December club has shipped, so you will receive that shortly. The fiber itself is just so gorgeous, adding color to it is like icing a cake. I hope you all love it. Want to see? *click* I’ve been spinning up a sample and this very much likes to be spun fine. I’ll be back with photos of that as soon as it’s done.

I did manage to finish up a big skein of last month’s Toxic superwash Corriedale and am having a hard time not casting on for knee socks this very moment.

That’s about 8 oz. and 500 yards of two ply, 14 wpi, pretty hard-spun yarn. I think it will make nice, strong socks.

Sign-ups for the next fiber club will take place near the end of next month. Current members will have first dibs, as usual, and then I’ll open it up to everyone else. I’ll announce things both here and on my personal blog.

Thanks for your continued love of fiber! It’s wonderful to see all the things you make from my wools. 🙂

I really enjoyed spinning this, it spun up very quickly. I spit the roving and did the first half within an hour.


It was so beautiful and easy, I figured it would be a great wool to teach my partner how to spin. Teaching him to spin, taught me a thing or two on how to teach as this is something I have never done. He did get the hang of it but occasionally would have big chunky bits. I plied our two together and it is more beautiful than I could have done on my own. I call it “Spun with love.”


Here’s another up close and personal!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

-Sister Chinook

Here is my result from September… Two ply, probably about 6sts to the inch on size 5… I have yet to test.septemberyarn.jpgNext is October… I love merino I squealed with delight when I opened the box… this again, is a fine two ply, I am suspecting something 8sts per inch on size 1 or 2… it will be socks, a great hat or a shawl I think.octoberyarn.jpgLast but not least November.  No plans for her yet… but with colors like that it will not be easy finding something that is going to be perfect. novemberyarn.jpgI may need to work on my bias towards fine two plys.   Thank you for looking

The first installment of the new fiber club is packaged all up in boxes, waiting for the mailman by the front door. I think he might be avoiding the house today, because he’s been warned about how big the shipment is! :p Non-US members, your packages are already winging their way to you.

I hope you all love it! It’s another new fiber and a great one I’ll be carrying from now on in the shop in both dyed and un-dyed forms.

Want to sneak a peek?

The club is shipping a little late this month, as I shoot for the middle of the month for that, and it’s because there are so very many of you in this installment, and a lot of you chose doubles. (Totally not complaining, you understand, just explaining!) The amount of work caught me by surprise, but the main problem was drying it all. As of last night, I have rented super lovely official Hello Yarn drying and storage space, so next month, there shouldn’t be an issue.

I’ll be back soon with spun yarn and cannot wait to see what everyone does with their fiber.


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