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Hi, all!

May’s fiber is on its way right now. I hope you all love it!

Want to see it?

This is a fiber I’ve done before for the club, but it came from a new source and it’s quite different from what I usually get. It drafts like a DREAM, so should be a fun spin for everyone. It’s a great middle-of-the-road wool that would be suited for a variety of projects.

I dyed some extra fiber this month and will make it a point to do so in the future. There’s a limited amount, but if you’d like some more of this month’s fiber, let me know at It’s $15 per 4 oz. bag and I’m happy to ship it with next month’s club to save you shipping.

It’s a sad post without any photos, so would you like to see the baby chipmunk we saw in our yard the other day? I thought so. 🙂

Baby Chipmunk



I joined the 2007 fiber club but never got underway with learning to spin until just recently.  Starting with the first fiber I received in May 2007 and using the Louet drop spindle included, I’ve been working on my technique and have finally achieved something that could be considered yarn. 😉  I’d like to say that Adrian’s guidelines on pre-drafting have made a big, big difference! spindlespun BFL Cricket

A little late. 😦

I hope everyone waiting for me to ship the fiber club wasn’t as upset about the delay as I was. All of the packages winging their way to you.

Want to see? Want to see?

This is a fiber I’ve used for the club once before, but I have a new supplier and ooh, is it nice. I couldn’t resist. You’re getting a nice big 5 oz. chunk, as well. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Future Clubs:

I plan on taking a month, maybe two, off between the end of the current club and the start of the next one. We are planning a move to Western MA in the near future, and hoo boy, is that ever going to be an undertaking. Even if we don’t move during the break, I’ll be able to get a bit ahead of the fiber club so that I have something to ship during the move. This is all very good news for Hello Yarn, as I’ll finally be able to spread out and really do my thing in a big old house in the country. I can’t wait.

Thanks, everyone!


I really enjoyed spinning this, it spun up very quickly. I spit the roving and did the first half within an hour.


It was so beautiful and easy, I figured it would be a great wool to teach my partner how to spin. Teaching him to spin, taught me a thing or two on how to teach as this is something I have never done. He did get the hang of it but occasionally would have big chunky bits. I plied our two together and it is more beautiful than I could have done on my own. I call it “Spun with love.”


Here’s another up close and personal!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

-Sister Chinook

I changed the blog theme to one that shows who’s posting. It’s nice to finally know!


September’s wool.


Octobers Baked Alaska! Yum!

– single ply, I 2-plied most of it but really liked this little bit!

All caught up on spinning. Here is Maldives from September plyed into 210 yards worsted weight lusciousness.

Just as the weather turns cool here I can dream of enchanted islands.

Very, very soft enchanted islands.


Baked Alaska knit into Urchin.

More details on my blog.

– nuttnbunny 🙂

Hi, everyone! The September club shipped today. I hope you all enjoy it. It’s an old favorite, and quite different from last month’s. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Just a note- I’ll be away all next week, including the weekend, at Yarn School, and won’t be answering emails or shipping orders received during that time until I return.

I started spinning Mollusk last night, and it was so easy, I got through my entire shiny lovely “cord” of it in one night! I’m about 1/4 of the way through plying it into an aran weight 2 ply, and it’s SO shiny. I’ll get pictures tonight if I get a chance.

I simply split the roving in half resulting in 2 long cords (which was way easier to do than usual due to the long staple) and spun up each on its own bobbin. The staple is so long in fact that this yarn almost felt like it was spinning itself, it tended to grab the next fibers without a problem and give me a pretty unform size for my single. Every once in a while I got a bit of a heavier “clump” but that was really me, not the fiber 😉

I’ll take pictures tonight once it’s plied!


EDIT: Got a picture!

Mollusk 02

Hi everyone, and welcome to round two of the fiber club! All of the packages have been mailed and you should have received your tracking emails. When I was finished packing the orders, I had a few thank you notes left over. 😮 If there wasn’t one in your box, then let me say “Thank you for joining and welcome to the club!”

This month’s fiber is a great, fun spin. If you’re not familiar with this breed, pull a bit out from the end and check out that staple length. As long as you keep that length in mind, you should have a pleasurable spinning experience.

I hope you love the colors! This one blew me away as it was hanging in the sunshine to dry. I can’t wait to see how you all spin this to preserve and accentuate that beauty.

Want to see? Can’t wait? Click here.

I’ll be back with some finished yarn photos as soon as I think everyone’s got their fiber.

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